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Alternate Dimensions Consulting

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Alternate Dimensions Consulting
Personal Assistant Service & Other

+ Personal Assistant Service & Other

The humongous world of adult entertainment can be overwhelming. However, once you have an experienced guide, you'll be able to find your niche and meet your goals. I provide 1:1 business and life coaching to erotic providers, as well as supplementary services to help you reach your goals even faster.

I have 10+ years of experience in almost every category of the adult industry. From working a street corner to dinner in Michelin Star restaurants, from cold nights hustling in the clubs to hours behind a camera, I've been able to hold on to contacts and knowledge that I want to pass along. I've struggled with basic needs and existential crises. I've witnessed tragedy, and I've held the hands of people fighting for equality and recognition, and all of those experiences have forever changed me... Hopefully for the better.

Whether you want to be a high class escort, a professional dominatrix, a porn star or a full time cuddler, the skills I possess will be beneficial. I can show you how to create a persona that will stand the test of time, a persona who exudes every quality you want them to. I will share my tips on ensuring return clients and creating content that will have them crawling after you.

If that's what you want at least, hehe ;)

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