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Our advertisers share the love:

The clients I get from Slixa are nearly always dream clients. Thank you for all of your hard work, you are incredible!

Slixa is modern and lets my personality shine through. It showcases my assets in an ideal way where clients can be attracted to my personality, not just my pictures. Slixa is the only site that captures and displays the “whole me" causing some incredible client matches that are beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Slixa for being a magnet for quality!

I’m thrilled with Slixa in every way and more impressed than with any other marketing website I’ve used, by far. You get everything right from the gorgeous layout and sophisticated feel, to stellar customer service. Above all, is the consistent and unparalleled quality of clients who find me through Slixa. Slixa sends me my dream (upscale) client, every time.

Stunning Profiles That Convert Viewers to Clients

  • Site viewers' attention stays on you (where it belongs) with our ridiculously gorgeous, customer focused site-wide design that is at the cutting edge of escort advertising
  • Incredibly gorgeous profiles featuring hi-res imagery layouts, place you in a whole new class
  • Slixa's Verified badge lets viewers know you're the real deal, giving you instant credibility
  • Attract more followers directly from your Slixa profile with instantly recognizable social media icons that activate the moment you add your social links to your account

Take Full Control - Finally

  • Create, pause, resume, and delete your ads at the touch of a button & pay only when your ad is live
  • Knowledge is power with detailed stats reporting that shows you exactly how your ad is performing
  • Let viewers know you are immediately available for bookings with our Available Now feature - set via SMS, no need to login
  • Bump your ad to the top of your chosen city page when you need some special extra exposure

Safe. Secure. Private.

  • For over eight years our team has focused on maintaining cutting-edge, market-leading, security solutions that truly addresses the safety needs of our industry.
  • Our servers are hosted by a Swiss company in a secure data facility in Switzerland, under Swiss jurisdiction.
  • We are deeply committed to ensuring our technology is secure as of that minute and provides truly reliable security, on-demand, and in real time.

Indisputably the Best Customer Service in the Escort Advertising Industry

  • Slixa is fully staffed with only the best people - friendly, caring, experts who love to help
  • Blazing fast turn-around time on support requests and customer service tickets
  • We offer valuable insight & suggestions to improve your advertising performance

So much Awesomeness
but Money Matters!

  • No monthly subscription fees, earn bonus credits when you buy in bulk, & pay only when your ad is live
  • No hidden charges whatsoever - full transparency & itemized report access to every account transaction
  • Booking your tours and saving money is easy with Slixa's low cost visiting ads and "Scheduled start" feature.
  • A variety of payment options with Basic ad pricing from only $1 to $3 per day

City Sampling Slixa Basic 30 day ad "Their" Basic 30 day ad
New York City $90 $284
Los Angeles $90 $230
Chicago $60 $206
Boston $60 $196
San Francisco $90 $201
Washington, DC $60 $201
Phoenix $60 $130

Learn more about flexible pricing for all cities   Flexible Pricing

More Love

Slixa is a stunning marketing tool that provides an elegant and clean platform. Their tools have helped me maximize my brand and attract wonderful clientele.

Slixa attracts clients who travel a lot, and clients are looking for longer term arrangements. My most regular client found me on Slixa.

Slixa has been absolutely wonderful. I have been generating high quality calls, and that means generating revenue. The staff is personal and provides one-on-one caring customer service and attention to your advertising needs. Every entertainer should consider joining Slixa. The results are incredible.

I have found Slixa to be a great partner in growing my brand. They have a tasteful presentation, the staff is wonderful to work with and you never feel just like another number to them. I look forward to my long working relationship with them and where they will take my business in the future.

Slixa is absolutely one of the best websites that I want to have a close advertising relationship with! They consistently deliver top notch results and I love the clientele I get from my ads. Slixa attracts high-end caliber gentlemen that breeze through the screening process and often turn out to be valued regulars.

I am so truly impressed with Slixa within a minute I was on the phone with a live agent, in 5 minutes as one email my account was back active. So refreshing to have a website that is easy to get a hold of and that actually cares! You will forever have my services.

I have been with Slixa since 2014 & love their unique platform. Their customer service is top notch & the clientele they attract are exactly the kind of clients I want to meet! Thank you Slixa!

Slixa is a breath of fresh air with equally just as amazing clients! Beautiful platform, & equally as amazing reach to the clientele I want!

I just have to say to you, that your customer service is impeccable . Thank you.

Since I have gone indy the only place I have advertised is with Slixa and so far they are rocking my world.


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