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Veronica Van Gogh Design

Veronica Van Gogh Design’s Cover Photo
Veronica Van Gogh Design
Copywriting, Digital Content Coaching, Web Design and Development

+ Copywriting, Digital Content Coaching, Web Design and Development

I love designing & collaborating with sexy alchemists who are reinventing and creating hybrids of erotic sessions & services that transform, elevate and heal clients through their work. That pretty much sums it up!!!

What I offer:

Support your brand across all platforms and do the things you don't have time for or want a designer like me to take care of. (update site, help with copywriting if that's needed, upgrade intake process so it reflects your brand, photoshop magic, set up a client database, help manage Instagram, Patreon, onlyfans etc. All of it or some of it.)

You know what you want and where you want to go. My job is support your vision and downloads.

I have been working in the field for over a decade and an ally, as a creative collaborator and I am very intuitive.

If you need some creative mojo to give your site some new energy, I can definitely help.

My mission

To support radically sovereign, spiritual badasses who are in their power. I support LGBTIQA+ individuals thrive in their businesses so you can have more time and resources to live life fully.

I spend 25% of my time providing street medicine for people living in encampments in the east bay in Northern California. If you hire me, your money will go towards buying hygiene supplies and herbal medicine that directly benefits people who do not have the resources to get medical attention.

"My experience working with Veronica Van Gogh in the last 2 years has been the most results-driven, effective collaborations in getting my graphic needs met. She's very dependable, organized, keeps track of time, to-do lists, prioritization, and applies her genius creativity to every task at hand!

I've spent a lot of time searching for a dependable web designer and now I don't have to search any longer! Veronica is my go-to on SO many levels. I'm very lucky to have found her. She has helped my business grow in so many ways that make running my business more effortless and streamlined."
- Lux, Los Angeles

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Signal: 510-600-2029

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