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The Companion Coach offers trauma-informed persoanl coaching services for sex-workers. I currently offer individual coaching and will be offering group-coaching and free support groups in 2023.

A little bit about me, your coach!

My name is Natalie and I'm a ceritfied personal coach and industry veteran. As a coach, I'm here to help you thrive -beyond- yoru persona. That's right, I'm not here to give you a 10-step guide on how to grow your business or make bank.

I'm here to help you move past the common procrastination or self-sabotage that prevents you from starting that new business, reconnect to your passions, or get serious about finances. Our sessions provide the accountability, structure, and a container to figure out what's -really- been holding you back.

More questions? Please visit my website. I provide more about my experience, my privacy practices, credentials, and what you can expect from a coaching session!

Our first conversation/consultation is 100% free and I offer

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