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The Companion Assistant

The Companion Assistant’s Cover Photo
The Companion Assistant
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Hello, my lovelies! My name is Giselle and I am YOUR Companion Assistant! I have over 15 years (gosh, I'm showing my age!) of experience as a female business professional who was not only the top-rated provider in my area but gained valuable insight into being a successful companion. I decided to stop providing and started helping others who are looking to build and streamline their business. I am able to provide valuable expertise, great support, and a detailed knowledge base. Rather than trying to navigate the way on your own, I am here to provide you with all the help you need. I know this business inside and out. I managed not only my schedule but the schedule of many of my provider friends over the years. My method allowed me to make SIX figures per year without breaking a sweat. I also never (knock on wood) encountered any legal issues or client issues or bad reviews. I was selective and careful. I worked smart, instead of hard and only had to work a couple of days a week and see minimal clients in order to still make more than enough money.

The safety of providers should be a concern for all of us in the industry and will be my #1 priority as well. I employ rigorous screening methods to always ensure the best possible experience for you. Anonymity and confidentiality are practiced throughout every stage of our working relationship. I use technology and advanced online security methods to ensure all your information and data is kept private and secure. My job is to handle all the tasks leading up to your engagement with your client. My goal is to alleviate these tedious tasks for you so that you have more free time to attend to the personal things in your life.

Rest assured, your email inquiries will be answered in a timely manner and each client will be screened to your specifications. I will schedule your appointments and send you and your client appointment reminders.

I am YOUR personal assistant. I work for YOU. I custom tailor my services to your personal needs to make sure that you are the most successful and happy that you can be. I also have the ability to serve you no matter where you live in the country. No matter where you go, I can help you without any problems.

My experience in the industry has provided me with everything I need to know to become successful in this competitive industry. I will help you with everything from marketing yourself and creating a your brand to screening clients. I strive to ensure you are completely prepared and on the path to success with your endeavors. I will work as your business advisor and assistant to make sure everything is in order. With my help, it's almost guaranteed your business will be completely safe and profitable. Let's start the journey to great success today!

Please feel free to email me directly at or follow me on Twitter @theCompanionAs

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