Miniskirt Media’s Cover Photo

Miniskirt Media

Miniskirt Media’s Cover Photo
Miniskirt Media

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Interested in photos, or video, that is not only for yourself ... but attracts clients? If you've been looking through Slixa ads, you've definitely come across our work.

Our work is not done in a studio (unless that is your preference) so that the look of your work is not only genuine, but unique to you since there isn't dozens of others using it.

We Offer

Luxurious and eye-catching photos to highlight your best features are just the start. Stand out, and turn potential clients' heads.

There is a range of options to suit most any budget. Whether you are starting out, or well-reviewed, you can be on your way to getting the photos that you are after.

We do sessions at clients locations or rental studios if that's not an option. If you prefer, we can also shoot in a cute, boutique hotel locally, You would be responsible for booking and handling costs independently.

A few of the Slixa advertisers who have worked with MiniSkirt Media:

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