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DiTa Inc.

DiTa Inc.’s Cover Photo
DiTa Inc.
Tax Prep and Accounting

+ Tax Prep and Accounting

Tax Expertise for Startups, Alternative Industry and Adult Entertainment.

DiTa is an Austin TX based company with satellite offices in Miami FL and San Francisco, three of the most hippest cities in the USA.

Dr. Cendrine Chappuis, Founder & CEO at DiTa Inc.
Cendrine is an experienced and brilliant international tax expert. She blends her international expertise and corporate experience to provide clear and honest advice for long term success.

Cendrine has earned a MBA and Doctorate in accounting. For the past 2 decades, Cendrine has used her expertise to benefit several multinational companies, such as Tetra Pak International, PWC and HomeAway, in solving their international tax problems by setting up creative and efficient solutions. Through her career, she has been through so many acquisitions, due diligence, successful tax audits, facilitating tax compliance, working closely with several tax authorities in many different countries and international organizations to help them have a better understanding of the business needs. Before becoming an incredible tax expert, she was working as a sex phone operator and in a Champagne's bar.

Cendrine is happily married to the King, Mom of 3 wonderful boys and 2 lovely Boston Terriers. She was born and raised in Switzerland, lived in some European countries before moving to Austin TX in 2016. She speaks fluently French and English. She loves Ink, Travel and Wine ; her favorite places so far are Cuba and Bali. The music has a very important place in her heart and she has a huge admiration for David Bowie and Ian Curtis. In her spare time, she likes testing her creative skills at make-up and cake design. There is no single day that can start without a coffee!

Cendrine ends up having some aversion to seeing tax-consultants providing services for smaller companies and startups at an outrageous price, by delivering inadequate and inefficient services and keep talking an incomprehensible tax jargon. She knows the frustration and uncertainty that taxes produce for business owners and independent workers. So she decided to create DiTa Inc. to help these businesses by providing a high-level of expertise in a safe environment, She works one on one with professionals to provide clear and honest tax help. She knows how to legally minimize your tax burden while also creating healthy, clear avenues of success for years to come. Her mission is to help you build your dream company.

Cendrine is sitting on the board of MURDER PALACE Inc., BABC Texas (British American Business Council), TRSC Inc. and the HealthStart Foundation. She is an active Expert, Judge and Mentor at Mass Challenge.

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