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The Internet Escort's Handbooks

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Written by an escort, for escorts.

A safe and sane in-depth exploration of escort work with the intention of offering options, support; in order to enable escorts to have the best experiences they can while making a good living. Author Amanda Brooks takes a smart, studied approach to a career that can be both profitable and enjoyable.

This series is loaded with practical information used by real escorts from around the world, with the idea of fostering safe,sane, successful independent Internet escort work. They're for those who are willing to put effort into their business and become true professionals.

New or current escorts can enjoy the books filled with information and options, which enable the making of informed choices and sharpened entrepreneurial skills. Clients, the curious, or allies, can enjoy a deeper understanding of escorts and how the business life of an escort can prosper.

THE definitive books which have spawned imitators, sucessors, and inspired many others to make changes which form the industry as it stands today.