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Training and Education, Web Design and Development

+ Training and Education, Web Design and Development

I have an understanding of HOW they differ based on their website analytics . My custom designs communicate the individual that you are and can enable you to stand out exactly how you want to. Next step is communication. This requires little content that is highly effective. My industry research is based on a specific standard that will allow me to understand them as a whole and not just for one specific interest. If you want to manipulate something, you must understand how and why it works in every aspect. The other design companies only use the standard target audience method. It's like they found the audience they want to attract but then stop at that.

A blog is a great way to engage the reader, but which providers do you know have the time & patience to write a daily blog that men not only respect but are actually interested in reading that is appropriate to publish online? Offering a quality blog enables a way for the reader to get to know you and is necessary to keep their interest other than in the site gallery.

What's my solution to the daily blog? Social Feeds. I am not one to get too hyped over the effect social marketing has on your business, but if done with a subtle presence will attract the clientele you want by embracing you as you and not only an image. With content that leaves only subtle hints as to who Julia Rivington really is, after your gorgeous images spark their interest, their curiosity will lead them back many times. With social feeds, you show that you are involved in the worlds' current events and puts your 'about me' page to work by proving you are who you claim. The following is a list of what I briefly mentioned above to ensure a quality, custom website that will leave your mark in their minds.

Key elements of a successful website:
1) discrete but clear content management
2) industry research
3) navigation which leads the reader on a "journey" into your website while keeping them interested:
- interactive features
- visual stimulation
- hidden & linked pages
- blog
- custom design that represents you
- incentives that encourage return visits
- leaves them wanting more
- proof reading

All of the suggestions given above are all ways to implement the key elements of an effective website. I can offer you all of this in your new website for a design fee as low as 200$ one time payment and the option of either migrating your site to your preferred hosting company (cuties-tools included) or your own privately registered site under go daddy hosting and Site-lock security which is maintained daily by me. I will write and submit analytical data in a report which will explain WHY specific features on your site will or will not increase your profit margin and cut overhead costs of advertising.

Veda Designs
Paramour Designs
Escort-files (a subsidiary company of Escort-Design btw. greedy aren't they? Lol)

These companies start at 1500$ for custom design. I can offer you 200$. Why such a difference? Because they are greedy and are ripping off escorts on a daily basis. I know all of the technicalities they don't tell you about and up charge you for multiple times of what it costs them. The elements I mentioned are all being sold to you for way too mhuch. I want to stop these guys from ripping us ladies off anymore. Your 30$/month cuties-tools bill totals 360$ a year before taxes and not including the amount you spend on advertising elsewhere because your website isn't at it's full potential as an advertising tool.

Because I am only an individual freelance designer, I charge a one time design fee as low as 200$. This is not a gimmick. I happen to have experience in graphic design and know the hobby too. It's time to stand up to these big design firms and stop letting them take your hard earned income with sneaky sales tactics. I look forward to discussing your site with you!

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