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Black Ash Consulting
Copywriting, Web Design and Development & Other

+ Copywriting, Web Design and Development & Other

I'm Erin Black, and if you've found your way to this particular place, you're hunting for something. Many of you know me best as Chicago's premier BBW escort and kinky companion. You've seen my website and online presence, and you're wondering if you can develop your brand the way I've developed mine.

I want to help you uncover your ultimate branding and marketing potential, and work with you to in the trenches in order to develop a plan and a business that works for you. I'm your Huckleberry; your right-hand lady with the industry insight and know-how that can help you elevate your business and take it to the next level.

I'm a tried and true brand developer and strategist that comes with years of traditional sales and marketing know-how, professional writing skills, basic front-end web development skill, and a trained and keen eye for design. All keywords aside, I truly love working with motivated, hearty, enterprising individuals who are invested in their own success. Whether you're just starting or looking for help with a business you've already got going, look no further.

Are you wondering if you should hire me? Would we be a match style-wise? That I can't answer; only you can. Are you a friendly, flexible professional who is willing to work with me to create an image and plan that moves your brand forward, or are you staunch and rigid?

Does the word "investment" make you shudder, or do you track and truly value long-term results?

Do you have a pretty good thing going and want to consult with an expert who can give you an edge?

Here's where I am. I have an unusually diverse number of skills at levels that more than meet and exceed our industry's standards, and I offer them at very competitive rates. I have the edge of actually working as an escort in today's ever-changing environment, and am up-to-date in key areas that make work safer, more structured, and easier than ever.

Whether you need a full rebrand, a website refresh and redesign, or need to add search engine optimization to your marketing arsenel, I'm your Gal Friday.

Feel free to reach out via the form on my website or by emailing to start discussing your project!

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